Boris Johnson faces the prospect of being sent to jail for defying the law over Brexit delay

BRITISH prime minister Boris Johnson is facing the prospect of being sent to prison for breaking the law as he looks set to defy parliament and refuse to enact recent a bill which compels him to ask for delay to the UK's exit from the European Union (EU).



Does Nigeria understand the importance of bilateral trade deals in creating wealth and combating xenophobia

By Akinfe

(1) As the xenophobic attacks in South Africa has suddenly forced Nigeria to come up with a coherent foreign policy, has it occurred to most of us that Abuja does not have any understandable and beneficial bilateral trade agreements with any other nation on earth. Everything is done on a case-by-case basis


UK House of Lords passes anti-Brexit bill forcing Boris to extend EU stay until January 31

BRITAIN'S House of Lords has approved the recent bill passed by the House of Commons compelling prime minister Boris Johnson to extend Brexit until January 31 by asking the European Union (EU) for a three month extension of his plans to leave the community.



74 year old woman gives birth to twin girls after being childless for 54 years of marriage

INDIAN septuagenarian Yerramatti Raja Rao has delivered a set of twins at a private hospital in Guntur city in India's East Godavari District at the ripe old age of 74 after being married for 54 years during which she was childless.



Pastor dies of starvation 20 days into his annual fasting period as he tried to emulate Jesus

PASTOR Brighton Samajomba of Zambia's Heaven Is My Home Church in the northwestern town of Solwezi has died of starvation 10 days before the end of his annual 30-day fasting programme as he tried to emulate Jesus.



Governor Zulum escapes Boko Haram ambush while visiting southern Borno State

GOVERNOR Babagana Zulum of Borno State escaped a Boko Haram ambush earlier today when a group of terrorist insurgents attacked his convoy in between Bama and Konduga Local Government areas yesterday.


Police escorting the governor repelled the attack, suffering no casualties. Government officials and politicians who were part of the convoy, said they arrived back in Maiduguri at about 9pm last night after surviving the failed Boko Haram ambush.



Serena appears on cover of Essence Magazine wearing a Nigerian-designed outfit

TENNIS star Serena Williams has appeared on the cover of Essence Magazine’s latest issue in a black sleeveless Kimono jacket made by a Nigerian designer Jane Ekanem in a big boost for the Nigerian fashion industry.



Robert Mugabe's wife known as Gucci Grace and his sons face possible prosecution

ROBERT Mugabe's widow Grace and two of his sons Robert Jnr and Chatunga face the prospect of being prosecuted for corruption following the death of the 95-year old former president this morning in Singapore.



Buhari striking one deal with Coca Cola could double the size of Nigeria’s economy within five years

By Ayo Akinfe

(1) Over the last the week, the unfortunate xenophobic attacks in South Africa have drowned out the news that the country hosted the World Economic Forum (Wef) summit. This was supposed to be a gathering where the whole world debated how to grow Africa’s combined gross domestic product (GDP) but alas, that is now no longer of any interest to anyone


Ministers step up plans to abolish joint state and local government bank accounts

MINISTERS are considering abolishing state and local governments joint accounts under a programme to make the country's 774 local government areas independent of governors and autonomous.




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