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Sale of fake test kits and hospital refusals to admit patients threatens to spread Covid-19 across Nigeria

NIGERIA'S presidential task force (PTF) on Covid-19 has expressed concern about the increasing threat to public health as a result of the large number of counterfeit test kits on the market and the constant refusal of hospitals to admit sick patients.



Nigeria to unleash 80,000 strong coronavirus police force to enforce social distancing

NIGERIA'S federal government is recruiting a coronavirus police force made up of 80,000 volunteers nationwide charged with the responsibility of ensuring that members of the public prevent the spread by observing social distancing and wearing facemasks.



Bill Gates is expected to have a coronavirus vaccine ready within the next 12 months

MICROSOFT'S billionaire owner Bill Gates's foundation is on course to have a coronavirus vaccine ready within the next 12 months as the millions of dollars it has pumped into finding a cure the virus is starting to yield dividends.



Buhari throws his weight behind Adesina asking Ecowas leaders to back him

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has finally waded into the controversy surrounding US attempts to oust the president of the African Development bank (AfDB) Akinwunmi Adesina by lobbying his West African colleagues to oppose the move.



Nigeria sits on 50 shiploads of crude oil as stocks remain high despite Indian purchases

NIGERIA'S economic woes are mounting further after it emerged that 50 shiploads of Bonny light crude remain unsold at the nation's export terminals despite India relieving the pressure a little with the purchase of some petroleum earlier this week.



Going forward, maybe Nigeria should have two vice presidents, a VP expenditure and a VP income generation

By Ayo Akinfe

(1) Over the last 48 hours, enough has happened to make serious alarm bells ring across Nigeria. We are unable to sell crude oil to anyone and our debt profile keeps growing by the day at an alarming rate


Petroleum economist says Nigeria needs about $40bn to revive her economy post Covid-19

PETROLEUM economist Professor Chijioke Nwaozuzu has warned that Nigeria needs to generate about $40bn this year if the government is serious about reviving the economy and avoiding a deep recession as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.



Nigerian Governors’ Forum approves of three-month plan to re-open nation’s economy

NIGERIA’S 36 state governors have endorsed a three-month plan aimed at gradually re-opening the country’s economy which they believe will lead to the return of normal economic activity in the post-coronavirus era.



Roche and Gilead combine forces and mix two of their drugs in the search for a Covid-19 remedy

PHARMACEUTICAL giants Roche and Gilead have decided to combine forces and mix their drugs Tocilizumab and Remdesivir together in a desperate bid to come up with a cure for the dreaded Covid-19 virus.




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