Kano Zakat and Endowment Commission urges wealthy Muslims to give out alms before Ramadan begins

RELIGIOUS body the Kano State Zakat and Endowment Commission has called on wealthy Muslims to ensure prompt payment of Zakkat to the less well off in society before  commencement of the holy fasting month of Ramadan.


Giving Zakat or alms to the poor is one of the key pillars of Islam and Alhaji Safiyanu Gwagwarwa, the director-general of the agency, urged good Muslims not to forget this. Alhaji Gwagwarwa said the commission deemed it necessary to remind well-to-do Muslims on the urgent need for them to give out Zakat as Ramadan was fast approaching.


He said the commission had dispatched reminder letters to some prominent wealthy Muslims in the state with a view to ensuring the early collection of the alms for prompt distribution to less-privileged persons. During the holy month of Ramadam, Muslims are supposed to act pure and comport themselves in a holy manner.


Alhaji Gwagwarwa said: “The Ramadan period is approaching and there is a need for us to commence collection of the alms for onward disbursement to the needy before its commencement. These letters are meant to remind our people on the importance of paying the alms as and when due as enshrined in Sharia to enable the commission distribute them in good time.”


He added that the essence of collection and distribution of the alms to the needy was borne out of efforts to discourage begging in the society. Furthermore, he stated that the commission in collaboration with the state House of Assembly had commenced the process of amending the law guiding the operations of the Zakat Collection Committee with a view to enhancing its performance.


 “Once the law is amended, it will transfer the chairmanship from whoever is holding it to the emir at the state level and to district head at the local government level. Wealthy Muslims are encouraged to give out Zakat and endowment as part of measures to reduce begging, especially among the less-privileged persons in the society.” Alhaji Gwagwarwa added.