APC's UK chapter offer to pay for Buhari's nomination form following his decision to seek re-election

MEMBERS of the UK chapter of the ruling All progressives Congress (APC) have offered to pay for President Muhammadu Buhari's expression of interest and nomination form following his declaration that he will seek re-election next year.


First elected in 2915, President Buhari is eligible to stand for a second term on next year's pools and after months of speculation, he finally announced that he would run yesterday. However, his first hurdle will be to secure the APC ticket and the president is likely to face several challengers from within the party.


Today, a delegation of APC UK members visiting Abuja, said that they will pay the cost of the nomination form to enable President Buhari to stand. Jacob Ogunseye, a spokesman for APC UK, said that the president’s declaration was reasonable and satisfactory, adding that his second term would make Nigeria stronger as well as preserve the tenets of democracy in the country.


According to Mr Ogunseye, the chapter`s expectations had been met by President Buhari`s declaration and he assured the party that it would work assiduously for the electoral success of the APC at all levels. He added that President Buhari needs to consolidate on the achievements his administration has recorded in over three years, especially in economic growth, anti-graft war, security and youth development.


Mr Ogunseye said: “He deserves a second term and we are proud that he has yielded and declared his readiness to re-contest the election as Nigeria’s president in 2019 in earnest. His administration’s achievements in the areas of security, economic growth, anti-corruption war and social development and other areas are visible to Nigerians.


Furthermore, Mr Ogunseye added that Nigerians should consider the re-election bid as a major step to consolidate and re-invent the country into an emerging economic and democratic world power. He called on Nigerians across the world, irrespective of religion and geographical location, to see the re-election bid of the president as a major step that would help Nigeria to stabilise.





If this is true, then corruption is now truly emboldened, but i doubt it because the opposition will haunt the financial history of all the contributors.
So Ayo please verify this story before i can share ooo!

Remember this was what you said with Dino, only to not be sure later ooo?? Eheerrn!??