Oluwo of Iwo denies dropping the title of oba in preference for the designation emir

OLUWO of Iwoland Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi has debunked media reports suggesting that he has adopted the emir title explaining that he only said he would embrace the attitude of northern traditional rulers.


Over the weekend it had been widely reported that Oba Akanbi had dropped the title oba and adopted one of emir in line with what prevails in northern Nigeria. This has led to widespread condemnation  with numerous pan-cultural groups criticising the move, saying it is insensitive at a time of ethnic tension across Nigeria.


Debunking the story, however, Oba Akanbi said that contrary to the media report, what he meant was that henceforth, he will imbibe the attitude of the northern royal fathers who, he noted, are united and show great respect for hierarchy. He stressed that northern emirs’ penchant for respecting each other and having high esteem for hierarchy are part of the things that stand them out in the traditional institution.


According to Oba Akanbi, emirs do not begrudge each other and as such, they always speak with one voice. Alli Ibraheem, Oba Akanbi's spokesman described the report that he adopted the emir title as a product of misconception utilised by the enemies of Yoruba race to demean the revered paramount stool of Oluwo.


Oba Akanbi said he only disclosed that he could also be called an emir by his Muslim admirers, especially the Hausas who cannot pronounce Oba correctly. He noted that those commentators to acquaint themselves with the correct position before launching negative comments.


Maintaining that there was never a time the Oluwo dropped oba title for emir, Mr Ibraheem challenged those who reported the story to come with the factual evidence of the purported adoption. He added that Oba Akanbi is an oba for the nation with special attachment to the Yorubas and promotes Yoruba culture to the admiration of many youths.


He added: “Oluwo never adopted the emir title, he only said he can also be called an emir by the Hausas and ardent Muslims. Just because of the Oluwo's dress code today, many children are attracted to Yoruba culture by wearing aso ofi.”


Oba Akanbi added: "All working tools are available for the integration and unity of our dear country. I've visited the north several times and core Hausas hardly pronounce Yoruba words correctly, as they call me emir when I am with them.


Is there anything wrong in answering to such? Even the Hausas in Iwo here call me emir, so will I stop them from addressing me as such? No, I am a father to the nation being a first class paramount ruler.”


He stated that his total conducts are tailored towards the promotion of Yoruba traits as laid by Oduduwa, the founding father of the Yorubaland. Oba Akanbi was reported to have adopted the title by virtue of his status as an Islamic monarch of high repute in Yorubaland at the controversial installation of Sheik Yahqub Abdul-Baaqi as the first Waziri of Yorubaland.