Buhari concedes that the last three years have been turbulent but promises better times ahead

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has conceded that the last three years during which his administration has governed the country have been turbulent and the government is yet to achieve many of the goals it set itself.


Since president Buhari assumed office in 2015, the country has lurched from one crisis to another, the economy shrinking, insecurity mounting and ethnic tension on the rise. Unemployment has refused to fall, economic out is nowhere near the levels it was over the last 20 years when the country enjoyed an average annual gross domestic product growth rate of about 6%.


Speaking yesterday, President Buhari said: “Two weeks ago, I announced my intention to establish and chair a presidential level committee that focuses on food security, I am happy that today it has become a reality. Nigeria’s journey in the last three years, has been a very turbulent one as the country's need for critical job creating sectors which has been ignored for decades is now beginning to yield results.


“We introduced the National Social Investment Programmes targeting millions of Nigerians who are living from hand to mouth. Also, we launched agricultural programmes focusing on import substitution, job creation and rural development thereby bringing socio-economic transformation to the millions of citizens living in some of the most remote rural parts of our country."


Listing other achievements of the government, President Buhari said they are well aware that the full results will not be felt or seen overnight, pointing out that the journey is long. He added that it is therefore our collective duty to ensure the actual and potential positive impacts of these programmes are sustained, improved and expanded.


President Buhari added: “We will also not lose sight of the other issues that will impact our food production ambitions such as population growth, urbanisation, industrialisation, rural infrastructure development and climate change. These factors will also stress and stretch our land and water resources, which means we must invest in research and development to enhance yields and outputs.


"Our deliberations will look into all the issues and our decisions will be implementable and impactful. We shall stay focused, first and foremost on securing our food requirements and employment for our people, especially the youth and we shall feed ourselves and build an inclusive Nigeria for us and for future generations.”