If every Nigerian including all our elected leaders were preoccupied with these 10 thoughts, Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho would not have found a fertile ground for their ideas

By Ayo Akinfe

[1] How do we get Nigeria to produce 50m tonnes of steel a year?

[2] How do we produce inter-city trains that run at 200km per hour?

[3] How do we build five deep sea ports along our 853km Atlantic coastline

[4] How do we generate about 260,000MW of electricity like say Indonesia and South Africa?

[5] How do we increase our gross domestic product to $1trn?

[6] By 2050, Nigeria is going to become the world’s third most populous nation with 400m people. Our current landmass of 923,768 km2 is going to be inadequate to deal with this. How do we merge with Benin Republic, Cameroon and ultimately Niger Republic without conflict?

[7] How do we start manufacturing all our needs like automobiles, electric appliance, aircraft, trains, ships, battle tanks, machine tools, etc?

[8] About 80% of Niger Republic is barren desert. When we take it over, how do we do the unthinkable by turning the Sahara into the most lush farmland on earth?

[9] How do we get the average Nigerian to start seeing him or herself as the messiah of the human race? We are the world’s largest black nation, occupy the centre of earth and the word Niger is in the bible self. It is Nigeria that is ultimately going to discover other solar systems, build farming plantations on the moon, export oxygen to Mars, build a railway network under the world’s oceans and produce the world’s first flying man

[10] How do I get my people to focus on all these matters and stop making immediate creature comforts, short term gain, flashy cars, eternal life and going to heaven their major priorities?