Nigeria needs a post-coronavirus economic blueprint that seeks to cash in on restrictions elsewhere by setting new annual revenue targets per sector

Ayo Akinfe

[1] Tourism - $20bn
[2] Manufacturing - $50bn
[3] Food processing - $20bn
[4] Animal husbandry - $10bn
[5] Aviation - $20bn
[6] Clean energy - $20bn
[7] Shipping and maritime - $20bn
[8] Information and communication technology - $20bn
[9] Clothing, textiles and fashion items - $20bn
[10] Health and pharmaceutical services - $10bn

This would add $210bn to our current export earnings of about $50bn. Just imagine the difference it would make.

For me, 10 first steps that need to be taken to address these problems are:

[1] Beefing up security
[2] Banning the export of primary commodities
[3] Reaching an agreement among the numerous ethnic nationalities that make up Nigeria to to ensure peace
[4] Immediately abrogating the federal allocation formula
[5] Launching a nationwide campaign against our me, me, me culture
[6] Getting our National Orientation Agency to launch a war against vanity. Nothing breeds corruption as much as it
[7] Reducing the influence of religion in the daily life of the average Nigerian
[8] Launching an “If we can’t produce it, we don’t need it” campaign
[9] Getting every local government area to open at least one technical vocation college
[10] Getting every state to spend at least 30% of its budget on education. Our goal should be a 95% literacy rate and a 50% graduate rate