Jeremy Corbyn's stunning Mexican wife steps out of the shadow as Downing Street looks within reach

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn's wife has stepped out of the shadows a few days to the general election appearing by her husband's side at several campaign rallies abandoning her stance of maintaining a low public profile and remaining in the shadows.


Mr Corbyn, who leads the Labour Party to the polls in two days time and could become the next prime minister is married to Mexican lawyer Laura Alvarez. Unlike most political spouses, the stunning Mrs Corbyn, 48, chooses to fly under the radar and  stay out of the political spotlight.


Apparently, the couple met in 1999, after Laura flew over from her native Mexico to help search for her abducted niece after her older sister Marcela’s estranged husband fled the UK four years earlier with their daughter, after a custody battle. Mr Corbyn, 68, was introduced to the family by Labour politician Tony Benn in a pub in London’s Finsbury Park and offered to help with the case.


From there on their love blossomed and resulted the couple getting married in Mexico in 2013. Prior to that, Mr Corbyn had been previously married to Professor Jane Chapman in 1974, for five years and Chilean Claudia Bracchitta in 1987, with whom he has three children.


Mr and Mrs Corbyn live in a £1m terraced house in Finsbury Park and have a cat named El Gato. These days, Mrs Corbyn runs a fairtrade coffee company Cafe Mam, importing beans from her native Mexico.


Although Laura may not share her husband’s limelight, she does mirror his political views as her social media feeds are full of political comment. She has attended the Human Rights Convention in Geneva, as well as spoken during debates on human rights in Mexico, in the Houses of Parliament when she was listed as a Mexican student and activist.


After leaving her banking job in Mexico, Laura worked for the National Commission for Human Rights until 2011. London’s Birkbeck University confirmed that she had enrolled on a two-year part-time course in human rights in 2014.


In 2015, Laura declined an invitation from the Queen to attend a state banquet in honour of Chinese president Xi Jinping. Mr Corbyn attended on his own, while a spokesman denied that it was a snub.


With just two days to polling left, Mr Corbyn has narrowed the gap between his Labour Party and the ruling Conservatives and the vote is now a cliff hanger. About a month ago, Prime Minister Theresa May was confident of victory but now,. there is a real possibility that Mr Corbyn may become the next occupant of 10 Downing Street.