Charly Boy lashes out at pentecostal clergymen calling them modern day fraudsters

SOCIAL activist Charles Oputa popularly known as Charly Boy has lashed out at Nigerian pentecostal clergymen describing them as exploiters whose message is solely based on systematic fraud.


Nigeria has some of the world's wealthiest pentecostal clerics who benefit from the giving of tithes under which the members of their congregations contribute 10% of their wages. Many of them own a string of private jets, luxury cars and property portfolios that include mansions, universities and housing estates.


Musician-turned-activist, Charly Boy, has been very vocal criticising corruption and mis-governance in Nigeria lately through his OurMumuDonDo movement. Yesterday, Charly Boy took to his Instagram to lambast pentecostal clergymen, slamming them for their messages which preaches about making money.


Sharing photos of himself with a Buddhist monk, Mr Oputa said the system practiced by the preachers is fraud and deception. Known as pastorprueners, these clergymen preach what is called the prosperity gospel, whereby they urge members to donate money to the church if they want to better themselves.


Charly Boy said: “Pentecostalism na modern-day commercial enterprise garnished in the cloak of religion with deception and exploitation as its foundation. Their goal na the complete monetisation of peoples ignorance.


"It remains the only legally and politically accepted movement completely based upon systematic fraud, deception and cheating. These con men of God, dem crooked theology is all for the naira."


Over recent months, Charly Boy has led numerous demonstrations in Nigeria, fighting for among other things the declaration of President Muhammadu Buhari's true state of health and that Nigerian refugees in Libya be returned home. He has had several altercations with the police and authorities, leading to him being tear-gassed in at least one occasion, when he passed out.