Nigeria should offer Trump sanctuary on the condition that he invests at least $10bn a year in real estate and tourism

Ayo Akinfe

(1) Presidents Muhammadu Buhari and Donald Trump have a working relationship of some sort. I think now is the time for Trump to call on Buhari to reciprocate all the goodwill shown to him

(2) On January 20, President Trump will need a new home. I for one do not see how he can remain in the US after publicly saying he will leave the country if Joe Biden beats him

(3) For all Trump’s woes, we are least know he has experience of the real estate, housing and tourism businesses

(4) Were I President Buhari, I would offer President Trump sanctuary on the condition that he build a purpose-built town in Nigeria called Birnin Trump with about 500,000 housing units

(6) I would then mandate him to turn Taraba State into the world’s largest nature reserve with wild animals, hotels, cafes, bars, casinos, resorts, etc

(7) Given Trump’s fanatical following among rightwing evangelical conservative Christians, I would also mandate him to create the world’s largest Christian conglomerate in Nigeria. It should aim to have at least 20m shareholders and aspire to have a market capitalisation of at least $1trn. This company should provide religious finance for investment in the Nigerian economy, permeating as many sectors as possible

(8) Given that Trump Organisation owns about 16 golf courses and resorts worldwide, President Buhari should ask President Trump to extent his empire to Nigeria. The idea will be to organise major international golf tournaments in Nigeria, wooing the likes of Tiger Woods to become regular participants

(9) Donald Trump has vast experience when it comes to skyscrapers. We should ask him to build at least 50 100-floor such buildings in Nigeria, particularly in Lagos and Abuja

(10) In return for all this, President Buhari should use all his diplomatic clout to get the US to drop all the impending charges against President Trump.