Nigerian Flood Control Bill 2020

Ayo Akinfe

(1) The federal government shall build six new dams on the rivers Niger and Benue to create artificial lakes to avoid the rivers breaking their banks

(2) All state governments must build similar dams on the major waterways in their territories such as River Kaduna, Ogun River, Owena River, River Anambra, Imo River, etc

(3) Every single one of Nigeria’s 774 local government areas must create an underground water storage facility where it has tanks that store excess water

(4) Home owners who build water harvesting features like water storage tanks on their premises will get tax rebates

(5) Every industrial estate in Nigeria must from henceforth build an underground water storage system on its premises

(6) State governments will be encouraged to woo partners who can construct hydro-electric power stations within their territories

(7) Every local government area must construct an underground drainage network that diverts water to its central tank farm

(8) Every state must establish an irrigation agency whose job will be to harvest water all year round and ensure it is distributed to farmers throughout their domain

(9) Coastal states are to come together and create a Nigerian Coastal Network. It will be charged with dispensing all excess water into the Atlantic Ocean

(10) This Nigerian Coastal Network will also liaise with neighbouring countries and enter into contracts to supply them with any excess water we have in Nigeria should they need it. Special emphasis will be placed on working with Niger Republic to use this excess water to irrigate the Sahara Desert