Iran threatens to unleash Hezbollah units on Israel and Dubai if US retaliates its attack

IRAN has threatened to unleash Hezbollah forces on Dubai and Israel over the coming weeks as its ongoing spat with the US intensifies following the recent killing of head of the Iranian Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani.


Last Friday, in a development that has sparked off global tension, the US carried out air strikes against Bagdad International Airport, under the instructions of President Donald Trump, killing General Soleimani in the process. Early this morning, Iran retaliated by firing more than a dozen rockets at two Iraqi military bases hosting US troops, claiming that they killed 80 Americans in the attack.


Although the casualty figure has not been confirmed, US military sources have admitted that rockets landed at the Ain al-Asad base in Anbar province and at another base in Erbil. With both sides upping the rhetoric, there are fears that the spat may escalate into s full blown war, with the Middle East becoming the main theatre.


Iran has now threatened to unleash a third wave of attacks in Haifa, Israel, and Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates if the US  responds to its retaliation. Other plans Iran has include launching more attacks on US bases in Iraq and unleashing Shiite militias across Iraq.


Nigerians will be hard hit by any attacks on Dubai and Israel as both a popular tourist destinations with religious pilgrims visiting Jerusalem in their thousands. Nigerian holiday makers and fun seekers fly to Dubai every weekend where they regularly hold parties, weddings, birthdays, corporate meetings and political gatherings.


Hezbollah, which translates as the Party of God, is a Lebanese outfit backed by Iran, who have engaged Israel for the last 70 years. Well trained and highly motivated, Hezbollah is considered an elite military unit, that particularly specialises in the firing of Katyusha rockets with devastating effect.