Lagos police boss urges Nigerian women to shun showing off their wealth on social media

LAGOS Chief Superintendant of Police (CSP) Taiwo Kasunmu has urged Nigerian women to shun the unnecessary display of wealth on social media to avoid falling prey to criminals who may target them as a result.


Over recent years, kidnapping has become a booming industry in Nigeria with criminals sometimes targeting their victims after seeing them display their wealth online. Also, the wanton display of affluence on social media has led to online criminals going after those they perceive as wealthy.


Speaking Lagos yesterday a programme, organised by the National Association of Seadogs, Egbeda, chapter, CSP Kasunmu, the divisional police officer for the Igando division of the Lagos State Police Command, said Nigerians should avoid attracting criminals. He warned that criminals are very much active on social media, saying showing off one’s acquisitions and family members on Facebook, could make one vulnerable.


He also advised Nigerians against letting out too much about themselves in public places, saying they could play into the hands of criminals by doing so. In addition, he also warned against buying things indiscriminately in traffic as criminals could pose as traffic traders to attack unsuspecting motorists


CSP Kasunmu said: "We are in challenging times, security-wise and there is the need for people to take precautions and avoid certain things so as not to play into the hands of criminals. For example, displaying one’s acquisitions, wives, children, husbands on Facebook and others is not good for security and you are exposing yourselves to criminals by doing so.


"These people, kidnappers, robbers and others monitor your posts and from what you share on social media ,they get you easily .We have had cases like this, so, I urge our people to be security conscious and they should keep their private lives away from social media."


He also advised motorists not to always keep valuables in vehicles in order not to attract traffic robbers. On insecurity in the country, he said the problem of insurgency, the spate of kidnappings, robberies among others were manifesting as the economic situation has also contributed to the security challenges.


CSP Kasunmu, added, however, that the police and other security agencies would continue to do their best to make things difficult for criminals and others undermining peace in the country. He commended the National Association of Sea Dogs for organising  the programme, saying the summit would help raise security consciousness in people.


Oba Lasisi Gbadamosi, the Onigando of Igando, added:  "We should always monitor happenings in our neighbourhoods and report to security agencies. Also, we should be friends with the police as they are our friends not our enemies and we should support them with logistics and other enablements."