Governor Rochas Okorocha bans the use of Keke tricycles across Imo State capital Owerri

GOVERNOR Rochas Okorocha has banned the use of tricycles popularly known as Keke throughout the Imo State capital Owerri as part of a drive to uplift the status of the metropolis and make it a modern city.


Like in many parts of Nigeria, urban transit is a big problem in Owerri and Kekes and motorcycle taxis known as Okada are widely used to augment motor transport. under ambitious plans to elevate transport in the state, Governor Okorocha has outlawed Kekes and plans to replace them with buses and taxis.


Governor Okorocha said: “Years ago when the Keke people gave me very resounding support, I promised you people that I will change you from three legged to four legged and for that reason, today marks the beginning of movement from tricycle to full car. Our government has made provision for 2,000 taxis to enable all of you to have one taxi each.


"This is done to give you comfort and make your life prosperous. I would have not been happy if I finish this government without fulfilling my promise."


He added that it is a government empowerment scheme designed to empower the masses, and reduce pain to their families. According to the governor, the Keke has served the people well in Imo State but it is now time to move on to better things.


“I want to thank you all for serving us well but as Imo State is developing and getting better with good roads and a lot of infrastructural developments. Keke can no longer be the appropriate means of transport within the Owerri city, this is why we are moving from Keke to a full car,” Governor Okorocha added.