Nigerian Spousal Anti-Corruption Bill 2019

By Ayo Akinfe

(1) There shall be no such thing as The Office of The First Lady or Office of The First Gentleman in the presidency or in any of our 36 states. Our constitution does not make any provision for such a position so use of the office is illegal

(2) Governors’ wives/husbands shall not be addressed as Her Excellency

(3) No state funds shall be used to finance charities and non-governmental organisations run by governors’ wives/husbands

(4) No state resources such as vehicles, civil servants, public buildings or budgetary allocations shall be put at the disposal of governors’ wives/husbands

(5) Spouses of governors will be encouraged to continue their professional careers even after their husbands/wives have been elected into office

(6) Spouses of governors are barred from bidding for or executing government contracts while their husbands/wives are in office

(7) Government backing for spouses of governors will not extend beyond providing security

(8) There shall be no budgetary allocation for the activities of governors’ spouses

(9) State resources shall not be used to fund foreign trips by governors’ spouses

(10) Applications for states funds for medical treatment by governors’ spouses must be made to the state house of assembly. It is up to legislators to approve or decline such applications based on their individual merits