Buhari to work from home for the time being due to ongoing renovation work at Aso Rock

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari is to work from home for the time being despite having resumed duties after returning from the UK where he recently spent 105 days recuperating from an undisclosed illness.


Over the weekend, President Buhari returned to Abuja after his sojourn and yesterday, he wrote to the National Assembly saying he was resuming office. However, Femi Adesina, President Buhari's spokesman revealed that he will work from his official residence for the time being.


Mr Adesina said: “Some few minutes past 11am, the president signed the letter notifying the National Assembly of his resumption. A copy has been sent to the senate president and a copy has been sent to the speaker of the House of Representatives, so the president has resumed.


"It means the president they voted into office, who has been serving them and who was indisposed for some time and who came back on Saturday, is ready to continue with the work he has been doing. His broadcast was just one step of many steps that are going to be taken in the days and weeks and months ahead, so you can’t expect that everything will be said in one day.”


One presidency source, attributed the fact that President Buhari will be working from home to ongoing renovation work in his office. It is not yet clear how long the renovation will take on when President Buhari will return to State House.