Edo candidate says men are offering to support her only on the condition that she has sex with them

EDO State House of Assembly candidate Charity Idahosa has decried the constant sexual harassment she is facing in her quest to get elected as men constantly ask her to sleep with them if they want her support.


Ms Idahosa, who is standing as the Mass Action Joint Alliance candidate in the Oredo West Constituency, lamented the fact that she is being sexually harassed by men over her ambition. She described the experience as frustrating and a recurring negative trend against women in politics.


“I came into politics with the desire to make a change and contribute my quota to the development of Oredo West constituency. It will be shocking to note that people I had looked up to for support often asked for sexual gratification before giving their support and for me, it’s absurd and unacceptable.


"I know this may sound funny but it is real. There are a lot of women out there that cannot speak out about some of their unpleasant encounters and experiences, so I think it is time for Nigeria women to rise against this trend, as we need to be protected and supported,” Ms Idahosa added.


Despite the problems, however, Ms Idahosa vowed to remain undaunted in her desire to contest the state assembly election in spite of the frustration and lack of support. She stressed that female candidates require a law to protect them from all forms of harassment in the pursuit of their political ambitions.