If our National Assembly passes this Nigeria Anti-Vanity Bill 2024, it will go a long way to reducing corruption in our society as our biggest problem as a people is our distorted social values

Ayo Akinfe

[1] End the use of the phrase Your Excellency for all public officials. What does this mean anyway? Does it mean the person is excellent?

[2] End the use of all these needless titles like Apostle, Otunba, Chief, Alhaji, Dame, Elder, Engineer, Barrister, Sir, etc. Promote the use of simple Mr and Ms

[3] End the display of portraits of government officials in public offices

[4] End the handing out of honourary doctorates. There are only two types of doctors on earth - PhD holders and medical doctors. Anything else is fraudulent and impersonation

[5] Pass laws imposing a punitive 60% environmental tax on any family that owns more than two cars

[6] End this wasteful practise of spraying money at parties. Give the money to the needy instead

[7] Impose a hefty holiday tax on members of the elite who shun Obudu Cattle Ranch, Yankari Game Reserve, etc to enjoy vacations abroad

[8] Make the use of bleaching creams illegal. They are health hazards so their use should attract a 12 month jail term

[9] Make the reservation of special pews for VIPs in churches illegal. Why should it matter where you pray in church?

[10] Gradually phase out the humiliating tradition of househelps and drivers. There is no dignity in the kind of labour they do. Their easy availability has made the elite lazy, vane and arrogant