I look forward to President Tinubu sending this Nigerian Modesty in Public Service Bill 2024 to the National Assembly

Ayo Akinfe

[1] All elected and appointed public officials should use public transport at least once a week

[2] Anyone found guilty of embezzling anything in excess of N1m ($2,500) will receive a mandatory life prison sentence

[3] The president must sell off all of the aircraft in his presidential fleet and travel by chartered flights from henceforth

[4] The president’s salary and allowances should not exceed $200,000 per annum

[5] No government villa, mansion or official residence should be any more than a six-bedroom house. All the existing palaces should be sold off and the money paid into the federation account

[6] The current feeding bills of N90bn per month that the presidency and the vice presidency enjoy should be reduced to a total of N1bn a month

[7] House of Representatives members should receive the same salary as heads of parastatals, while senators should receive the same pay as permanent secretaries

[8] No government functionary should have more than one official car

[9] No government official shall be entitled to foreign medical care

[10] We shall scrap the offices of first ladies at federal and state levels