Christian Association of Nigeria accuses military of being complicit in Plateau killings

NIGERIA'S armed forced have been accused of being complicit in the recent killings in Plateau State by the chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Mangu Local Government Area of the state Reverend Timothy Daluk.


Earlier this week, armed gunmen stormed the area, opening fire indiscriminately and according to the Nigerian Police Force, no fewer than 10 corpses have been discovered in various locations. Reverend Daluk made the allegation about military complicity and despite denials from the Nigerian Army,  he has said he would not withdraw the allegations and would he honour any invitation to visit defence headquarters to defend them.


On Wednesday morning launched a fresh attack in the state, killing no fewer than 30 victims in Kwahaslalek village in the Mangu Local Government Area.  More than 10 people were also killed in Mangu town and its environs with several houses burnt by the attackers on the same day.


Reverend Daluk had accused the Nigerian military of supervising the killings of Christians and the destruction of properties in Mangu Local Government Area. In response, Major General  Edward Buba, the defence headquarters spokesman, said that the Nigerian military was in the process of reaching out to the cleric to substantiate his allegations.


In the viral video, Reverend Daluk said: “I am here to report the situation happening in the Mangu Local Government for the whole world to understand. What is happening in Mangu at this particular point in time, the military are the ones sending our people away for the militia to burn their houses.


“At this particular point in time, they have sent every Christian away from the new market, thereby leaving the Muslims to come and burn their houses.”


In response, General Buba said: “Defence headquarters is in the process of reaching out to him to come and substantiate the claims. It is not unusual for emotions to cloud people’s judgment when they have been confronted with very traumatising experiences.


 “We would get to the bottom of his allegations after we have an audience with him. All the same, the military will continue to discharge its duties professionally and in line with best international standards, please.”


Brigadier Tukur Gusau,  the director, of defence information, added: “The attention of defence headquarters has been drawn to a malicious video made by the chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, Mangu Chapter, Reverend Timothy Daluk. The video made baseless and untrue accusations, claiming that the military is biased and supports a particular group against others. We categorically state that these accusations hold no truth, are malicious and lack any reasonable foundation.”


He said troops of Operation Safe Haven were deployed after there was a breach of security in the Mangu Local Government Area, which resulted in the declaration of a 24-hour curfew. However, the Christian Association of Nigeria said it was ready to defend the claims that the military was aiding killings in Plateau State.


Reverend Polycarp Lubo, the chairman of the Plateau State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria said the organisation stands with the claim made against the military made by reverend Daluk.  He added:  “As an association, we stand by him.


"He is an adult and he is a leader in Mangu. He knows what he has seen and he said he has evidence. He has reasons why he has said so, so, we cannot change what he has said.