Federal government flies another 250 Nigerian back from Libya as repatriation programme gathers pace

ABOUT 250 Nigerians living in Libya are expected in the country later today as the federal government steps up its programme of repatriating stranded citizens marooned in the country en-route to Europe in search of a better life.



Cameroonian refugees say Nigerians are helping to run the Libyan slave trade racket

NIGERIAN human traffickers are assisting the slave traders operating in Libya by helping them detain and ship migrants to Europe according to Cameroonian refugee Foka Fotsi who recently managed to escape from the country.



Super Eagles drawn against perennial rivals Argentina alongside Croatia and Iceland in Russia 2018

NIGERIA'S Super Eagles have been drawn in Group of the 2018 World Cup alongside perennial adversaries Argentina along with Europeans Croatia and Iceland following the conclusion of the draws earlier today in Moscow.



Buhari promises to evacuate Nigerians in Libya but says he cannot help those without documentation

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has reacted to the recent revelation that Nigerians are being enslaved in Libya by pointing out that there is nothing he can do for anyone who dares the desert and Mediterranean without documents to prove that they are Nigerians.



Buhari drops clearest hint so far that he will stand for re-election as president in 2019

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has given the clearest hint so far that he will seek re-election in 2019 when he spoke about there being another vote for him at the ongoing European Union-African Union (EU-AU) Summit currently taking place in Abidjan.



Nigerian designer Andrew Randa comes up with unique World Cup kits for Super Eagles

NIGERIAN graphic designer Andrew Randa has come up with a unique design for the Super Eagles kits which will be presented to the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) in the hope that


Time for Rohr to show some courage and end this goalkeeping indecision once and for all

One look at this goalkeeping training video will answer all the questions Nigerian football fans have been asking about the goalkeeping situation:


(1) It shows you the extensive training major leagues put their goalkeepers through

(2) They practise everything including using plastic mats with water on them


Paralympian Oscar Pistorious has his jail sentence more than doubled to 13 years on appeal

SOUTH African Paralympian Oscar Pistorius has had his jail sentence for manslaughter more than doubled to 13 and a half years after the supreme court decoded that the earlier term of six years which he received was shockingly light.


Pistorious was initially given a six-year term for manslaughter in 2014 but was found guilty of murder on appeal in 2015. He shot his girlfriend Ms Steenkamp four times through a locked toilet door at his home in the capital Pretoria.



Pentecostal clergyman slumps and dies in hotel room after having sexual romp with 19-year old

MEN of the Delta State Police Command have launched an investigation into the death of a local clergyman after the pastor of a local pentecostal church was found dead in a hotel room after a sexual romp with a 19-year-old-girl in the town of Kwale.



Pope Francis tells Hon Dogara that he has been praying for Nigeria's peace and stability

POPE Francis I has revealed that he regularly prays for peace and stability in Nigeria as part of his contribution to helping solve the plethora of security and socio-economic challenges that the country is facing.




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