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Newcastle win the race to sign Nigeria-eligible teenage striker Trevan Sanusi from Birmingham City

ENGLISH Premier League giants Newcastle United have won the race to sign Golden Eaglets-eligible forward Trevan Sanusi beating off bids from rival sides to secure the signature of the teenager.



10 requests Tinubu should be making of Joe Biden if he is serious about attracting foreign direct investment and growing Nigeria’s gross domestic product

Ayo Akinfe

[1] Pre-pandemic in 2019, US foreign direct investment (FDI) worldwide totalled $5.96trn. As the world’s largest black nation and Afriva’s largest economy, Nigeria insists that from henceforth, we must attract 10% of all such investment

[2] In the US, FDI in 2019 totalled $246bn, with about $125bn of this coming from Japan. Nigeria needs the US to press Japan to counter-invest in Nigeria too


After 100 days and no coherent economic policy from the Tinubu administration, maybe it is to time for us to turn our attention to the Nigerian Governors Forum as we search for a Chinese solution to our woes

Ayo Akinfe

[1] I am sure that like me, the rest of you do not know where the Tinubu administration stands on economic policy. Is it a Keynesian interventionist government or one that believes in laissez-faire free market economics?

[2] If I were an investor looking at the Nigerian market, I would like to know policy direction before committing myself. How I wish I was in India to hear how Wale Edun would respond to all these questions


It is unfortunate that President Tinubu did not take about three Niger Delta governors with him to India to study the rice industry and replicate it in Nigeria

Ayo Akinfe

[1] Worldwide, about 80m hectares of irrigated lowland rice provide 75% of output. Our Asian friends lead the world in this regard, while we African are loyal consumers

[2] Irrigated rice is grown in bunded fields or paddies, which are surrounded by a small embankment that keeps the water in. Our Niger Delta is tailor-made for this kind of rice production but alas, our domestic production still lags behind consumption


Kano high court grants Kwankwaso reprieve setting aside his suspension from NNPP

FORMER Kano State governor Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso has been given a legal reprieve in his ongoing battle with the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) after the Kano State High Court voided his recent suspension.



Details of Nigeria's World Cup qualifiers released with Eagles due to start against Lesotho in November

NIGERIA'S Super Eagles will begin their journey to the 2026 World Cup bid on November 13 this year when they kick off their qualification campaign against Lesotho at the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium in Uyo.



Tinubu needs to follow up the deals he struck at the G20 summit with the signing of a Southern Giants Industrial Tripartite Agreement between Nigeria, China and India

Ayo Akinfe

[1] Both China and India must open Covid-19 vaccine factories in Nigeria. In addition, Nigeria wants sole distribution rights of the vaccine across Africa

[2] Nigeria wants a platoon of an elite division of special forces from both nations like The Leopards, The Siberian Tigers or the Night Tigers deployed to Borno State to help eliminate Boko Haram and the Islamic State of West African Province once and for all


Given that Nigeria has two horses on her coat of arms, it is totally unacceptable that she is not a major global producer. Tinubu needs to launch an ambitious breeding programme

Ayo Akinfe

Annual output of world’s leading horse producers

[1] US - 10.5m

[2] Mexico - 6.3

[3] China - 5.5m

[4] Brazil - 5.5m

[5] Mongolia - 3.9m

[6] Argentina- 2.5m

[7] Kazakhstan - 2.4m

[8] Ethiopia - 2.2m

[9] Russia - 1.3m

[10] 1.1m

[1] A horse costs about $2,000 on the open market, so just imagine the revenue we would generate if we exported say 3m of them


Indian investors pledge to invest $14bn in Nigeria on the sidelines of the G20 summit in New Delhi

INDIAN investors have indicated their readiness to facilitate fresh investments in Nigeria worth up to $14bn particularly in the petroleum and steel sectors as part of an industrial expansion involving both nations.



Tinubu set to remain in office for next four years as election tribunal dismisses Obi's case

PRESIDENT Bola Tinubu is on course to remain in office for the remainder of his tenure which ends in May 2027 after attempts to get his election overturned failed today with the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal dismissing the challenges brought by the opposition.




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