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Katsina youths burn down police station after being prevented from holding Friday prayers over Covid-19

IRATE youths have gone on the rampage and burnt down a police station in the town on Kusada in Katsina State after they were prevented from holding weekly Friday Jumat prayers as part of the lockdown to combat coronavirus.



Enugu State monarch says native doctors and soothsayers should be consulted for a Covid-19 cure

IGWE Emeka Ugwu the traditional ruler of Owerre autonomous community in Nsukka Local Government Area in Enugu State has called on governments at all levels to consult native doctors and soothsayers in their quest to find a cure for coronavirus.



Cross River State government will seal off any church who has a service this Sunday

CROSS River State government has threatened to seal off the premises of any church that has a membership of more than five people this Sunday as part of a robust drive to enforce the social isolation laws introduced to combat the spread of coronavirus.



Medical bodies object to US attempts to woo Nigerian doctors at a time when it needs them most

MEDICAL bodies have reacted to attempts by the US to woo Nigerian doctors and health workers saying that the country needs all the experts and professionals it has to mount its own fightback against coronavirus.


Lagos to embark on state-wide fumigation exercise as it hands out food items to 200,000 families

LAGOS State government has stepped up the fight against coronavirus by planning to fumigate the entire state over the next week and handing out essential food items to residents in a bid to cushion the effects of the stay-at-home order.



Africa has got to be at the heart of the inevitable post-coronavirus Marshall Plan

By Ayo Akinfe

(1) As the global lockdown continues, I am trying to count the economic cost. This shutdown will simply be devastating on mankind because we are consuming and not producing goods at the same rate. This is simply not sustainable for any lengthy period of time. It reminds me of the Great Depression that followed the 1929 Wall Street Crash


Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus and goes into 14 day self-isolation

BRITISH prime minister Boris Johnson has become the latest high profile personality to test positive for the dreaded coronavirus pandemic that is currently sweeping the globe and has subsequently gone into isolation.



Nigerians rush to buy local remedies like dogonyaro and tagairi believing them to be Covid-19 cures

NIGERIANS have stepped up the purchase of traditional herbs like neem popularly known as dogonyaro and laganaria breviflorus known locally as tagairi in the belief that these traditional remedies will act as a cure for the dreaded coronavirus.



Nigerian health minister says he believes Covid-19 can be transmitted through sexual intercourse

NIGERIA'S health minister Dr Osagie Ehanire has warned that there is a nigh possibility that coronavirus can be transmitted sexually although there is no conclusive medical evidence to prove this theory either way.




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