US sells Nigeria 12 Viper attack helicopters as it honours a pledge to support the fight against terrorism

WASHINGTON has sold 12 Viper attack helicopters to Nigeria for about $1bn as part of the US plan to support the country in its fight against terrorism and religious extremism that is growing across West Africa.



Federal government plans to throw a fresh $25m at Ajaokuta in a bid to get it up and running

GOVERNMENT ministers have announced plans to kick-start operations at the light steel mill section of the Ajaokuta Steel Plant in Kogi State injecting a sum of N30bn ($25m) into the project to help get the facility up and running.



Government plans to convert all Nigeria Police Force vehicles into ones that use clean energy

GOVERNMENT ministers have announced plans to convert all Nigeria Police Force (NPF) vehicles into ones which use clean energy as part of its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the country's carbon footprint.



I wonder if President Tinubu’s advisers are telling him that he needs to grow Nigeria’s economy by about 15% every year during his tenure

Ayo Akinfe

[1] Nobody will admit it publicly but we are Africans are regarded as inferior beings simply because we are not productive enough. Until we start contributing our fair share to global development, we really have no moral right to complain about this treatment

[2] We are considered a burden and a bunch of parasites by industrialised countries. Make no mistake about it, this will continue for as long as we remain eternal consumers, producing nothing


Trade volumes between Nigeria and China stood at $22.6bn during the course of 2023

NIGERIA has maintained her position as China's third largest trading partner in Africa with the volume of trade between both nations rising to $22.6bn during the course of 2023 according to data just published by the Chinese embassy in Abuja.



All these restrictions other nations place on Nigerian migrants will not stop until we manufacture our towards respectability

Ayo Akinfe

[1] No matter how much we protest about it, the reality remains that the rest of the human race refuses to recognise negroid people as fully-fledged homo sapiens. There is no evidence out there to suggest that this will change any time soon


National Assembly leaders pay morale-boosting visit to Super Eagles ahead of Angola clash

NATIONAL Assembly leaders have made moral boosting visit to the Super Eagles team hotel in Abidjan ahead of their quarter final clash against Angola today with the senate president and deputy speaker of the House of Representatives dropping in.



Is there any reason why the Nigerian Governors Forum cannot mandate each of its members to open a sanctuary of one animal in a bid to develop a local tourist industry

Ayo Akinfe

[1] Eagles - Kwara

[2] Leopards - Osun

[3] Giraffes - Katsina

[4] Gorillas - Cross River

[5] Hippopotamus - Rivers

[6] Lions - Taraba

[7] Hyenas - Adamawa

[8] Zebras - Borno

[9] Elephants - Yobe

[10] Camels - Sokoto


Final test runs being carried out on Port Harcourt refinery as it prepares to resume operations

NIGERIAN petroleum ministry officials are carrying out final test runs at the Port Harcourt refinery amid hopes that the facility will soon be up and running again bringing about an end to petrol scarcity and exorbitant fuel costs across the country.



UK introduces Draconian immigration laws that bar social care workers from bringing in dependants

OVERSEAS care workers coming to the UK will no longer be allowed to bring dependants under new rules the government shall be introducing in March as part of its ongoing campaign tackle what has been described as unsustainable and unfair levels of migration.




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