I hope President Buhari promised other leaders at the London summit that if the world invested in Nigerian education they would see this level of productivity within the next five years

Ayo Akinfe 

[1] 10m tonnes of steel

[2] 20m pre-paid electricity metres

[3] 5m electricity transformers

[4] 20m mobile phone handsets

[5] 2m automobiles must be assembled locally

[6] 10m flatscreen TV sets

[7] 10m tonnes of maize

[8] 5m tonnes of sugar

[9] 10 tonnes of rice

[10] 50m pairs of footwear

[11] 1,000 railway carriages

[12] 20bn kg of milk

[13] 2m tonnes of beef

[14] 1bn square feet of leather goods

[15] 5m bicycles

[16] 2m motorcycles

[17] 10m generator sets

[18] 10m tonnes of tomatoes 

[19] 10m fridge/freezers

[20] 10bn metres of fabric cloth