Ipob responds to Kwankwaso saying Igbo leaders have no say in the determination of Biafra

BIAFRAN separatist group the Indigenous People of Biafra (Ipob) has berated former Kano State governor Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso calling on Igbo leaders to disown secessionist campaigners saying that his advice is misguided.


Of late, calls for the recreation of the defunct republic of Biafra have grown, with Ipod leading the campaign to have Igbos break away from Nigeria. In response to the calls, Senator Kwankwaso asked Igbo leaders to disown Biafran agitators and campaigners, asking that they distance themselves from the secession movement.


Senator Kwankwaso, largely regarded as a hardliner in the camp of those opposed to restructuring Nigeria, had reportedly asked Igbo leaders to repudiate Ipob and all that the separatist group stands for in order to convince the rest of Nigeria that they believe in the indivisibility of the country. However, Ipob spokesman Emma Powerful said the former Kano governor was embarking on a wild goose chase by thinking that Igbo leaders could influence the activities and leadership of Biafran agitators.

Mr Powerful added: "Kwankwaso does not understand the workings, what Ipob stands for, including its agitation for the restoration of Biafra, hence his simplistic belief that disowning Ipob would end the quest for Biafran self determination. We in Ipob do not care if anybody or hired group from anywhere in Nigeria, disown us as our focus is on Biafran restoration.


"In as much as our leader and director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television, Nnamdi Kanu, respects genuine Igbo leaders, he does not care what name the few Hausa-Fulani errand boys in Igboland call him. He only does what Ipob requires of him to do and is focused, determined and unyielding in his quest to achieve Biafra and nothing will make him and all of us to change our minds, not even the threat by the savage blood thirsty northern youths against Biafrans living in the north will make us change our mind."

According to Mr Powerful, Ipob's leadership worldwide headed by Kanu is not working with the so called Igbo leaders and the quest for the restoration of Biafra is not for anyone who does not believe in freedom. He added, however, that Ipob was ready to work with anybody who is sincere and not those who sabotage the struggle for their selfish gain.


"Even if Igbo leaders handpicked by Kwankwaso and the presidency disown Ipob and other groups agitating for Biafra restoration, it will not stop the activities and determination of Ipob to achieve Biafra restoration. Ipob is a mass movement that enjoys global acceptance and membership and because it is a God ordained project there was no way Kwankwaso and his ilk could suppress the movement for the restoration of Biafra no matter how hard they try," Mr Powerful added.

In berating Senator Kwankwaso, Ipob noted that the former Kano State governor has by his words and actions, revealed his support and sponsorship of the Arewa youths who issued a quit notice to Igbos residing in northern states. Ipob warned of dire consequences if there was any attempt to massacre Igbos again.