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Personally, I would settle for President Tinubu making steel his major priority in 2024 as without it we cannot industrialise or expand our economy, so we need a policy that looks like this

Ayo Akinfe

[1] He should set Nigeria an annual target of producing 35m tonnes of steel. This will match Brazilian output and put us on the same trajectory as sister developing nations like Mexico, Iran, Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam

[2] Announce a radical scrap metal collection programme. This will involve using all the money collected from corrupt officials to buy all scrap metal. Maybe call it the Industrial Trader Metal Money Programme


Keyamo reveals that Nigeria Air deal with Ethiopian Airliner contained suspicious deals

AVIATION minister Festus Keyamo has revealed that Nigeria's federal government is reviewing a contract signed between the former administration of President Muhammadu Buhari and Ethiopian Airlines regarding the launch of a national carrier.



Even if we have poor state governments and bad agriculture commissioners there is nothing stopping Nigeria becoming the world’s number one producer of the following crops

Ayo Akinfe

[1] Oil palm

[2] Cocoa

[3] Groundnuts

[4] Cassava

[5] Yam

[6] Rubber

[7] Coconuts

[8] Shea nuts

[9] Cashews

[10] Neem

Where is the private sector please? There is only so much we can blame the government for you know!


Maybe it is just me but I believe getting the National Orientation Agency to change the way we think as a people has got to be one of the Tinubu administration’s top priorities

Ayo Akinfe

[1] As people, if we do not accept our shortcomings, we are never going to overcome them. Our problems in Nigeria are multi-faceted but they can be narrowed down to three things - intellectual laziness, ostentation and short term greed. In 1922, Frederick Lugard spotted all this and summed us up perfectly in his book Dual Mandate


Armed gunmen kidnap 100 Zamfara villagers over their refusal to pay a N110m harvest tax

ARMED gunmen have abducted over 100 villagers in Maru Local Government Area of Zamfara State over the failure to pay the taxes that were imposed on them by these bandits who effectively govern the region.



Nigerians have got to imbibe the words of the We Are The World song with says - We Can’t Go On Pretending Day By Day, There’s Someone Somewhere To Make a Change

Ayo Akinfe

[1] On August 10 1792, a large scale insurrection against the French monarchy occurred in Paris, following on from the original uprising in 1789. It later led to the French Revolution and that epitome of liberty, equality and fraternity known as the Paris Commune formed in 1871

[2] In 18th century France, corruption was more rife than it is in Nigeria today, the leaders were more uncaring and the life of the French peasant was sheer hell


CBN governor says Nigeria lost as much as $1.4bn due to the import ban on 43 products

CENTRAL Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor Olayemi Cardoso has revealed that Nigeria lost a total of $1.4bn over the last eight years due to the federal government's import ban on 43 items which made it illegal to bring them into the country.



I would like to see the Tinubu administration declare 2024 as the Nigerian Year of Agriculture and launch an ambitious agro-processing plan centred around the following crops

Ayo Akinfe

[1] Coconuts

[2] Cashews

[3] Cocoa

[4] Palm oil

[5] Plantain

[6] Groundnuts

[7] Neem

[8] Gum arabic

[9] Millet

[10] Sorghum

Surely we know that we should build a food processing industry around these crops. This should involve the construction of processing plants, railway lines, export terminals, silos, warehouses, etc.


Kano police fear recent court judgement in governorship elections could lead to ethnic pogroms

KANO State Police Command officers have arrested seven persons for participating in a protest following the recent Court of Appeal judgement sacking Governor Abba Yusuf amid fears that it will lead to ethnic pogroms.




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