Can the government react to this tragedy by passing the Deborah Samuel Religious Tolerance Bill 2022

Ayo Akinfe 

[1] Nigeria will establish a Religious Parades Commission to determine the route, timing, date and duration of all religious marches across the country

[2] All faith houses will pay a 40% rate of corporation tax to the government

[3] There will be a complete separation of religion and state. No government officials are allowed to fund religious campaigns or give public money to churches, mosques or other faith groups

[4] Nigeria will open a Faith Registration Board that licences all faith houses. Before a mosque or church is allowed to open, it must meet the strict criteria of this board, including not polluting the environment with noise

[5] No federal, state or local government body or parastatal will be allowed to fund religious pilgrimages abroad

[6] Every clergyman must from henceforth have a degree in theology

[7] Inciting people to hatred on the pulpit will attract a minimum sentence of six months in prison, the closing of the mosque or church and the revoking of its licence

[8] It will be illegal to make minors participate in the affairs of religious bodies for over four hours. Also, it will be illegal to have children in faith houses after 10pm. The penalty for this is also six months imprisonment and the revocation of a licence

[9] All faiths are guaranteed equal status in Nigeria. Under no circumstances would a person be discriminated against because say they are Hindu, Sikh, Jewish, Shinto, Buddhist, Confucianist, Hare Krishna, Rastafarian, Druid, Animist, etc

[10] Before licences are granted for the opening of mega faith houses that will accommodate over 5,000 people, the body concerned must commit to building a railway link to the venue