Delta Airlines flight to Atlanta makes emergency landing in Lagos after developing engine trouble

FIVE passengers suffered injuries yesterday when an Atlanta-bound plane made an emergency landing in Lagos after it developed engine trouble shortly after take-off and had to abort the flight.


Yesterday, the plane had to return to the ground after one of the engines of the Delta Airlines flight developed an engine problem mid-air. Delta confirmed the incident in which it explained that the flight 55 from Lagos to Atlanta, which took off around 10.50pm, returned to Murtala Mohammed International Airport less than an hour later.


An airline spokesman said: “The A330-200 had a problem with one of its two engines. The flight landed safely and passengers were evacuated onto the runway down emergency slides.


“Airport fire crews met the plane as it landed. The safety of Delta’s customers and crew members is always our top priority.”


To compensate the passengers, the company promised to rebook them on a flight later on today. According to delta Airlines, the injuries suffered by the five passengers were non-critical.