Secessionist group Biafra Nations League dares Joe Igbokwe to ever set foot in the southeast again

SECESSIONIST group the Biafra Nations League (BNL) has dared the Lagos State spokesman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Joe Igbokwe to set foot in the southeast geo-political zone following his recent attacks on Nnamdi Kanu.


Mr Igbokwe, who is a special adviser to the Lagos State governor on sanitation recently celebrated the arrest of Mr Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (Ipob). Highly controversial, Mr Kanu has been campaigning for the recreation of the independent republic of Biafra which broke away from Nigeria between July 1967 and January 1970 during the civil war.


His campaign, which has led to the phenomenal growth of Ipob, has set him at odds with the Nigerian government who him arrested and put on trial for treason. Late last month, Mr Kanu was arrested during a recent visit to Kenya and was then and handed over to the Nigerian authorities who then flew him into the country.


Following Mr Kanu's arrest, Mr Igbokwe took to social media to celebrate the development, saying the Ipob leader had placed a bounty on his head. According to Mr Igbokwe, Mr Kanu incited murder, arson and promoted the myth about Jubril from Sudan, indicating that President Muhammadu Buhari was dead and the person acting in his place is an imposter.


Reacting to Mr Igbokwe's comments, BNL leader Princewill Richards, said that the APC chieftain will not be spared if he dares set foot in the southeast.  He added that Igbo youths will stone him to death for sabotage over his recent comments and actions.


Mr Richards said: “First of all, he is not ashamed that for years he can’t attend public functions in Igboland. He doesn’t visit home, he feels he is occupying a good office in Lagos and he is always defending whatever the APC government does but he doesn’t know he is just a mere special assistant on public latrines and sewage disposal.”


After Mr Kanu's arrest, Mr Igbokwe had said: “Kanu said, on Radio Biafra, that if they see me, his boys, they should behead me and kill all my children, destroy my home and I played it down but I put my life in the hands of God and that of my family. I’m older than him, I saw the civil war, he didn’t see the civil war, so I know what we went through.


"I couldn’t go to school during the civil war. I was in Primary Five when the war started in 1967 and after the war, I started again from Primary Five and I understand what played out, the casualties, the pain, the tears, the losses, my father lost his business and we said, do we have to go through this way again?


“Having seen it all because I know what he doesn’t know and I have seen what he has not seen, I have the experience, I have seen it all and I have the history behind me. Has it gotten to this that if you have dissent voices then the person has to be killed?"