10 things that will inevitably make the #EndSARS protests return with a terrible vengeance in 2021

Ayo Akinfe

[1] The massive loss of jobs as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown. Some experts say Nigeria's economy will contract by as much as -9.91% this year

[2] The inability of state governments to pay salaries as a result of reduced incomes. With less federal allocation, our parasitic states, who have no revenue-raising capacity will simply not have the cash to pay their civil servants

[3] The failure of the members of the National Assembly to take a massive pay cut. Our senators take home $475,000 a year, which is more than the US president gets paid, while the Nigerian minimum wage is $936 annually

[4] The continued arrogance of this government. That they have the audacity to persecute #EndSARS protesters shows they are not remorseful at all

[5] Thanks to the lockdown, churches and mosques are not as well attended as they were before the pandemic. They are the major instruments used to brainwash the Nigerian people and keep them docile

[6] Many politicians who used to divide the people along ethnic lines no longer have as much clout as they used to. I did not see the likes of Ango Abdullahi show their face during the demonstrations

[7] Many godfathers have been shown to be mere paper tigers. Bola Tinubu had to flee for dear life. Unlike Ladoke Akintola who actually used to confront protesters, Tinubu was too cowardly to even show up during the #EndSARS demonstrations

[8] This government has no intellectual response to the people's demands. It lacks the ability to put forth a counter-argument, which only fuels anger. Nobody can hear Lai Mohammed or Garba Shehu and not get immediately angry

[9] The planned clampdown on social media is only going to alienate people further

[10] There are no more Covid-19 palliatives to give the masses to appease them. As the saying goes - A hungry man is an angry man