President Buhari should make a nationwide television address tonight and offer the following in response to the ongoing protests

Ayo Akinfe

(1) All the demands regarding police reform and the abolition of Sars will be implemented in full by December 31. As from January 1 2021, Nigeria will have a different security structure that is well funded, with policemen offered remuneration packages identical to say bank workers

(2) By December 31, the government will eliminate all groups of marauding herdsmen, kidnappers and other armed groups. They only exist because they are sponsored by politicians and members of the security forces collide with them

(3) By December 31, the government also promises to eliminate Boko Haram. This insurgency only continues to thrive because there is no political will to confront the terrorists. All that nonsense will stop today with the military given an end of year deadline to eliminate the terrorists once and for all

(4) With immediate effect, the chief of defence staff, chief of army staff, chief of navy staff, chief of air staff and inspector general of police are being replaced. Their replacements have until December 31 to prove their worth or they too will be replaced

(5) There will be no more nepotism and ethnic bias when it comes to appointments into the security agencies. As we all know, this is largely responsible for the crisis we are in. From now on, recruitment will be based on merit, with all Nigerians allowed to be members of and head security agencies

(6) Any politicians who currently has a corruption case pending before the anti-graft agencies will appear in court before the end of the year. Any of them holding appointments will be suspended pending the outcome of their cases

(7) I will be sending a bill to the National Assembly asking lawmakers to reduce their remuneration packages by at least half. All the savings made will be spent on the Nigeria Police Force

(8) As part of the Covid-19 palliative package, the federal government will pay the school fees of all Nigerian students for 2020. This government will be approaching development agencies like Unesco to help fund this

(9) As part of a move towards empowering our states economically, as from December 31, all states will be allowed to keep 25% of all revenue that accrues from resources within their domains

(10) Six mega cattle ranches are going to be opened in the country to end the saga of livestock roaming around the countryside destroying people’s crops and communities. These ranches will have abattoirs, animal feed compounding plants and leather tanning factories attached to them. They will also house veterinary clinics, schools and markets, with each settlement hoping to create at least 10,000 jobs each