10 major police reforms I would carry out in the wake of the nationwide anti-Sars protests

Ayo Akinfe

[1] I would dissolve all paramilitary units in the police and get the National Assembly to pass a law insisting that any such units can only be re-established after they have subjected it to proper scrutiny

[2] I would make having five o'levels the very minimum qualification for joining the Nigerian Police Force (NPF). Police constables would also be put on the same pay grade as members of our state houses of assembly

[3] Every state government would be made responsible for providing housing for members of the Nigerian Police Force. As a rule of thumb, the standards of such accommodation should be on a par with those of lawmakers, special advisers, commissioners, special assistants, etc. Ideally, their estates should be adjacent to each other

[4] I would make it mandatory for all policemen to wear bodycams, which must be handed in and checked at the end of their shifts

[5] Regional security operations like Amotekun must be established in each geo-political zone. Such bodies will take over a lot of local security, freeing up the NPF for major and serious matters

[6] Every state would have a Police Complaints Commission which will sit publicly every month. Members of the public will be free to walk in and register any complaints they have against erring members of the police

[7] I would commission Nigeria's best fashion house to design and sew uniforms for the police. Kind of similar to the way Moss Boss sewed designer uniforms for the German Army in the 1930, the idea would be to make their uniforms fashion accessories. New uniforms will be provided every three years

[8] I would enter into a police exchange agreement programme with the European Union. Under this scheme, at least 2,000 Nigerian policemen will go abroad for training each year and be brought up to speed with modern policing methods

[9] I would open at least six degree-awarding police academies in Nigeria where policemen can be sent to be trained up to graduate level. Costs of such training will be met by the NPF with the goal of making about half of the force graduates by 2030

[10] I would also aim to make at least a third of the NPF personnel female by 2030. This will go a long way to reduce the amount of thuggish behavior we regularly witness