Last night in my sleep I went to the mountain top and saw the Promised Land. This is what it looked like:

Ayo Akinfe

(1) A united Socialist Republic of West Africa with a population of 1bn people

(2) It had a gross domestic product of $20trn and an annual budget of about $5trn

(3) English and French were its two official languages

(4) It had 10m standing troops

(5) It had a nuclear capability

(6) It had 50 aircraft carriers, 5,000 fighter jets, 200 submarines, 20,000 battle tanks, 100 navy Destroyers and a military helicopter fleet of 1,500

(7) This nation accounted for 50% of all global food production

(8) It accounted for 50% of global steel production

(9) About 80% of the world’s tropical disease hospitals and research centres were in the Socialist Republic of West Africa. It also accounted for the production of 50% of the world’s pharmaceuticals

(10) In the sporting arena, it reigned supreme, always topping the Olympics table and winning one out of every two Fifa World Cups