10 unpalatable and unpopular changes we are going to have to make to our lifestyles if we want Nigeria to raise the domestic capital required for progress

By Ayo Akinfe

[1] Place a 10 year moratorium on the building of new churches and mosques. Instead, channel all those funds into building schools and hospitals

[2] Indefinitely suspend all pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia and Israel. This will free up millions for investment in small industry

[3] Cut back on our extravagant and flambouyant parties. For every Owambe, we could educate at least one child and take one Almajiri off the streets

[4] Start adopting the basic titles of Mr, Mrs and Ms. All these extravagant titles fuel corruption. Chieftancy investiture ceremonies are one of the things armed robbers and corrupt politicians spend a lot of money on

[5] Limit the number of offspring we have. Even if you are a billionaire, it is irresponsible to have four wives and 27 children. There is simply no way you can have the time for all of them. This just shows a lack of discipline and restraint

[6] Stop consuming what we do not produce. We buy flashy foreign cars when we do not even manufacture gearboxes. We should consume what we produce and produce what we consume

[7] Make our weddings, burials and birthdays simple affairs. Why spray money at events when a simple registry marriage is just as legally binding?

[8] Accept that we may have to die if Nigeria cannot treat our ailments. Flying abroad for medical treatment just keeps the Nigerian healthcare sector perpetually under-developed. They say necessity is the mother of invention, so if we know that we will die if we do not sort out our healthcare sector, we will see progress

[9] We need to ends this hero-worshiping, praise-singing and sycophancy culture. It not only fuels corruption but also stifles initiative as it promotes nepotism, cronyism and the oga-at-the-top mentality. At the moment, being good boys and girls is the way to rise up the ladder in Nigeria

[10] At the moment, about half of the world's traditional monarchs are Nigerian. Our economy simply cannot sustain that. In Malaysia, they only have six monarchs, while in the UL, they have just one. Nigeria needs to gradually phase out a lot of these monarchies.