Our Mumu Don Do plans to hold protests demanding the extradition of Diezani from the UK

ANTI-corruption pressure group Our Mumu Don Do  that organised the  campaign which resulted in President Muhammadu Buhari returning from London plans to now turn its attention to getting former oil minister Diezani Alison-Madueke extradited from the UK.


Led by musical icon Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy, Our Mumu Don Do organised a series of rallies and demonstrations as part of a campaign called Resume or Resign earlier this month. Its agitation forced President Buhari to return to Nigeria from the UK where he had spent 105 days recuperating from an undisclosed illness.


With President Buhari now back at work, the campaign group intends stepping up calls for the UK to extradite Ms Alison-Madueke back to Nigeria. Oil minister during the tenure of former president Dr Goodluck Jonathan, Ms Alison-Madueke has been the subject of a series of corruption probe and earlier this week, a federal high court confiscated some of her assets and handed them over to the federal government.


Of the opinion, that Ms Alison-Madueke who is currently in exile in London must come back to Nigeria to face the charges against her, Our Mumu Don Do plans to hold another round of protests on Monday. Ms Alison-Madueke, who is receiving treatment for cancer in the UK, was arrested by the British police but is out on bail pending the filing of formal money laundering charges against her.


Mr Oputa said: “Following recent mind-boggling allegations of corruption and wanton looting of public funds and the collective patrimony of Nigerian citizens by the former minister of petroleum, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, we call on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to apply for her extradition from the United Kingdom, to face prosecution in Nigeria. Furthermore, a federal high court has ordered Mrs Alison-Madueke to permanently forfeit several luxurious properties in several highbrow areas across the country to the federal government.


“It is therefore unimaginable that the federal government is not pushing for Mrs Alison-Madueke’s extradition to face punishment for her alleged crimes. In this light, we will be holding a two-day sit out in front of the EFCC headquarters to demand that the federal government applies for her extradition and prosecution in Nigeria."


In a statement signed by the group's co-conveners Mr Oputa and Deji Adeyanju, it said it would hold the sit-out from 9 to 10 am on Monday and Tuesday in front of EFCC’s office in Abuja. So far, the federal government has not applied for an extradition warrant to get Ms Alison-Madueke returned to Nigeria.