US clergywoman Pastor Patoir says she met TB Joshua in heaven dismissing claims his powers sere demonic

FEMALE American clergywoman Pastor Daphne Patoir has refuted claims Pastor TB Joshua's powers were demonic pointing out that she met him in heaven last year where she was taken for a vision with the Nigerian pastorpruener.


Pastor Temitope Joshua, who owns the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos, is one of Nigeria's wealthiest clergymen and people come from all over Africa to visit him. At his church, he performs all sorts of miracles, curing people with ailments and turning people's lives around with solutions which he claims are divine.


However, of late, several people have claimed his powers were Satanic but Pastor Patoir published a Youtube video in which she said he was a genuine man of God. Pastor Patoir, who ministers in Georgia with her husband Raynard, explained that while in heaven with Pastor Joshua, she saw multiple demons who were screaming out in fear as they seemed like cockroaches before him.


She added: “On Tuesday January 2nd, 2018, I was crying out to God because I wanted to be a follower of Jesus to serve Him with my whole heart. Suddenly, it was as if my body was a barrel and I had fallen to the bottom of the barrel and Jesus replaced me, in my body.


“At lightning speed, Jesus took me into a room passed the second heaven and as we entered, I saw three gift boxes. One had my name on it, the second one was given to a pastor I know and respect and the third one was given to TB Joshua, who I saw in heaven receiving a huge gift box."


Pastor Daphne said Jesus told her to fear not when she pleaded that she wished to return to her body Thereafter, the minister reminisced how after she saw everything Jesus wanted to show her, her body allowed her in.


“I fell on my knees and I wept and hours later, I was still trembling. I felt as if electricity was flowing through my body and while this was happening, my husband was sleeping in the bed. He told me that he heard me making unusual sounds and when he tried to get up to wake me but the power of the Holy Spirit pinned him to the bed,” Pastor Daphne added.


Pastor Daphne concluded with her insistence that Pastor Joshua was a genuine servant of God and not using malevolent powers to hoodwink people. Similarly, Johan Helberg, a former officer in the Criminal Investigation Department of the South African Police Force, recently  released a video to YouTube video recounting how he was healed from a severe sinus problem and recurrent stomach bleeding after praying along with Pastor Joshua via his television channel Emmanuel TV.