Senator Abbo fails to show any remorse as he and Oluremi Tinubu clash at panel hearing

ADAMAWA North's Senator Elisha Abbo has attracted further condemnation following his recent appearance before the senate investigative panel hearing his case when he arrogantly told them how he wanted proceedings to go and failed to show any remorse for his actions.


On May 11, Senator Abbo, repeatedly slapped a young nursing mother in an Abuja sex shop and the publication of the footage which was captured on CCTV led to a national outrage. Since the video was shown, Senator Abbo has been charged with assault by the police and the senate set up a panel to investigate what went on.


Yesterday, Senator Abbo appeared before the panel at the National Assembly and immediately tried to tell the members how the proceedings would take place. He was quickly told off by Senator Oluremi Tinubu of Lagos State, who pointed out that he must abide by the rules of the committee and risked suspension if he failed to cooperate.


Incensed by this, Senator Abbo flared up, telling Senator Tinubu not to threaten him with suspension as they are all equals. Former Ebonyi State governor, Senator Sam Egwu, who chaired the six-man panel, however, brought calm to proceedings by agreeing to hold the session in camera.


He asked the media to leave and the session continued in private. Before journalists left, Senator Abbo has told the committee that the matter was already before the court hence he would not make any comments that could be prejudicial to the court process.


In addition, he also refused to allow the clerk of the panel to put him on oath, as is the usual practise. Drama started when Senator Abbo stated he had no business appearing and making comments about the matter anywhere, saying his presence was out of honour for his colleagues.


Senator Tinubu called him to order after that, pointing out that the panel was set up by the senate president Ahmad Lawan and was made up of distinguished senators. A heated exchange took place between the two senators, with Senator Tinubu reminding him that she was a woman too, before matters calmed down.