Fiona Onasanya faces the prospect of being struck off the solicitors list following her conviction

NIGERIAN-born member of the British Parliament Fiona Onasanya is facing the prospect of being struck off the list as a solicitor following her conviction and jailing for lying about a speeding ticket.


Ms Onasanya, 35, the member of Parliament for Peterborough, has been expelled from the Labour Party and is facing de-selection after being found guilty lying about a speeding ticket. She was jailed for three months in January but released after serving just 28 days of her sentence and now faces the prospect of a by-election if at least 10% of her constituents sign a recall petition on her seat by May 1.


She will now face the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal on three allegations of misconduct including  failing to uphold proper administration of justice, failing to act with integrity and failing to behave in a way that maintains the trust the public places in her and the provision of legal services. According to the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the hearing will take place at some stage on the future, although a date has yet to be given.


A former commercial property lawyer, Ms Onasanya could be suspended, handed an unlimited fine, or struck off as a solicitor, if the allegations are proven. Despite the allegations and conviction Ms Onasanya still holds her seat in parliament as the prison sentence she was handed was not long enough to mean she would be automatically removed from the house.


She still maintains her innocence against the conviction which saw her serve a month long sentence after lying to avoid a speeding fine. Ms Onasanya scrapped home during the last elections, winning her seat for Labour in Peterborough with a wafer thin majority of just 607 in the 2017.