Jimi Agbaje leaves PDP amid allegations that he mismanaged campaign funds

PEOPLES Democratic Party (PDP) Lagos State gubernatorial candidate Jimi Agbaje has opted to leave the party over an ongoing row with the local branch which among other things accused him of mismanaging campaign funds during the elections.


During the last gubernatorial elections, Mr Agbaje stood against Babajide Sanwoolu of the All Progressives Congress (APC), who was declared the winner of the contest. In the aftermath of the elections, Mr Agbaje has resigned from the PDP, saying it was necessary for him to leave the party after a series of allegations that arose following a running battle with PDP leaders in Lagos State.


Mr Agbaje said: ”I have tried to remain focused and ignore all the distractions coming from the leadership of the party. I am making the decision after due consultations with my supporters and loved ones for the sake of peace.”


Former Lagos State PDP chairman Chief Tunji Shelle, had accused Mr Agbaje of being responsible for the party’s poor performance in the governorship election, saying that the party had a situation where somebody said he could work and achieve victory alone. According to Chief Shelle, rather than co-operate, Mr Agbaje was arguing and fighting people who could help him, adding that even when things were going bad and help was to be rendered, he said he did not need it.


Chief Shelle added: “Well-meaning people intervened to rally everybody together in Lagos. They called us to a meeting and asked us to help him but he refused, saying he doesn’t need help.


"He became a lone ranger and stand-alone person and even when we were trying to reinforce his campaign team, he told us point blank that he couldn’t work with people he can’t control. He wants to be a master of all and subject everybody in the party under his control which is not possible.


"You can’t control everybody because PDP is not your private party, so we decided to leave him to go and do the job alone and at the end of the day, that is the result we got in Lagos. That is the major reason why PDP failed in Lagos.”


He added that were it not for the sympathy votes they party got from people who are tired of APC and felt there is need for leadership change in Lagos state, the PDP could have gotten lesser votes in the governorship election. According to Chief Shelle, their governorship candidate was the PDP's problem in Lagos State.


“He defeated the party and defeated himself. The most unfortunate thing is that he doesn’t feel the pain of what he has caused and also, there was mismanagement of resources too because everybody left him to his fate to do whatever pleases him,” Chief Shelle added.