Kaduna Fulani communities petition government over attacks by vigilantes and soldiers

SEVEN Fulani communities from Giwa and Igabi Local Government Areas of Kaduna State have petitioned the state and federal government to bemoan the incessant killings of their kinsmen and  confiscation of their cattle by vigilantes and soldiers.


Over recent years, southern Kaduna State has been a hotbed of communal violence as Muslim Fulani cattle herdsmen and local Christian farmers have been involved in numerous bloody clashes. Soldiers have been drafted in to restore order but the skirmishes have continued with a spate of tit-for-tat killings.


Claiming they are on the receiving end from both the Christian farmers and security forces, the Fulani communities of Kidandan, Yadi, Sabon layi, Sabon Sara, Banaga, Kufan Kari and Karshi village have written to the state and federal governments. Yemi Adekunle, the legal counsel of the Fulani communities, said the petition was necessary considering the lukewarm attitude of government on the matter.


He added that the Fulani communities have suffered serious psychological trauma following incessant killings and confiscation of over 2,000 cattle, as well as the destruction of buildings around the seven communities. Mr Adekunle said the petition is asking both the federal and state governments to recover all cattle taken away by military and to stop the further arrests, detention and killing of Fulanis.


Other demands of the Fulani communities include the compulsory payment of compensation for the lives and property lost during the attack on their communities and the setting up a committee to investigate the attacks. According to Mr Adekunle, the crises has increased the level of insecurity in the area and displaced over 700 young children and widows.


Mr Adekunle said: “The Fulanis have made several complaints to the state government, including security agencies through Miyetti Allah, yet no  response. It is the duty of government to stop vigilantes from armed conflicts with Fulani and also unite the communities and prevent the nomads from retaliating.


“It is sad to see young children and women sleeping on the ground of  people’s farmlands, no shelter, no food, no good sanitation. This time around, we have sent our petition to the state and federal government on the matter and we are still expecting their response, which will determine the next legal step.


He urged state and federal government as well as international bodies and non-governmental organisations to come to the aid of the displaced persons. In November last year, some media outlets reported an attack on some Fulani communities in Giwa and Igabi local government areas by vigilante and soldiers but the military authorities denied it.