Association of White Witches in Nigeria prophesies Atiku will beat Buhari with a landslide if he visits worship centres

TRADITIONAL clergymen the Association of White Witches in Nigeria (AWWN) have warned former vice president Alhaji Atiku Abubakar that he has to visit their shrines as well as churches and mosques if he wants to win next month's presidential elections.


On February 16, Nigerians will head to the polls to elect a president in what is expected to be a two-horse race between incumbent president Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Alhaji Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP). AWWN spokesperson, Dr Okhue Iboi, has warned Alhaji Abubakar against repeating the mistake of former president D Goodluck Jonathan, if he wants to win the election.


He claimed that Dr Jonathan refused to listen to the wise counsel of the AWWN, which led to his defeat in 2015 by President Buhari. According to Dr Iboi, for the former vice president to win, he has to undertake the assignment of visiting the church, mosque, and the witches’ association for special prayers.


Dr Iboi added: “These three spiritual places are keys in this year’s election. He has to go to these three places for special prayers to be offered on him and if he fails to do so and chooses to follow the way of Jonathan, then he should forget the presidency.


“In 2015, we told President Jonathan the same thing but he refused and we all know what happened after that. Millions of Nigerians want Atiku to be the next president but he has this assignment to undertake so that God can clear his way to win the election.”


Issuing the warning during the AWWN's convention in Calabar, the Cross River State capital, Dr Iboi said it was clear that the gods favoured Atiku to be the next president of Nigeria but he must seek spiritual covering. He added: “Atiku will beat Buhari with a landslide if he obeys this simple instruction.”