Irate cow inexplicably turns on Fulani cattle herdsman goring him to death in Ughelli

POLICE in Delta State have confirmed that a cow went berserk and killed its owned a Fulani cattle herdsman in Ughelli over the weekend sparking tension among local pastoralists who were taken aback by the action.


Over recent years, Nigeria has been wracked by communal violence as repeated clashes between herdsmen and local farmers has led to hundreds of deaths. Heavily-armed herdsmen have spread mayhem across rural Nigeria, attacking farming villages, leading to calls for government action but so far, very little has been done.


Regarded as a law onto themselves, the herdsmen have been known to carry out the mass slaughter of innocent men, women and children just so they can confiscate farmland. In an unprecedented action of Karma, however, it appears that an irate cow struck back, killings its owner at the abattoir located at Oghenevweta Street in Ughelli town.


Mohammed Jubrin, the herdsman who owned the cow, was killed after cutting the rope it was tied to. As soon as he let it loose, the cow charged straight into the abattoir where the victim was busy with other cattle and hit him hard, leaving him in a pool of blood, that eventually led to his death.


Eyewitness Muhammad Abdul, said: “The cow immediately rammed into him with its horn striking the victim’s throat, flipping him up and then going after him again in the same manner a multiple times. Unfortunately, he died in the hospital where he was rushed to for treatment.”


He added that the victim has since been buried in line with Islamic tradition. Since the incident there has been palpable tension and fear of the unknown within Ughelli town, especially among cattle rearers in the area.


Police spokesman Andrew Aniamaka, said: “It’s unfortunate that the cattle killed the owner. The cattle has however been killed."