PDP senators take turns in sleeping at the National Assembly as they fear APC ambush to impeach Saraki

PEOPLES Democratic Party (PDP) senators are now taking turns to sleep at the National Assembly complex amid fears that the government might try to pull a fast one and convene an emergency session to impeach senate president senator Bukola Saraki.


Over the last two weeks, Senator Saraki has been at the centre of a storm following a series of defections in the National Assembly with about 15 senators and 37 members of the House of Representatives leaving the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to join the opposition PDP. Amidst all the turmoil, Senator Saraki declared that he too has left the APC and joined the PDP, prompting the APC chairman Adams Oshiomhole to call for his immediate resignation as senate president.


However, Senator Saraki has dismissed the calls, saying he was elected by a majority of senators and the only way he can be removed from office is if two thirds of senators vote to impeach him. Refusing to accept Senator Saraki's continued stay in office, Mr Oshiomhole has held a series of meetings with APC senators and members of the House of Representatives and there are fears they are planning an ambush.


Last week, masked armed men of the Department of State Security (DSS) sealed off the National Assembly complex, amid fears that that the APC was planning to sneak its loyalists in and impeach senator Saraki. Fearful, that a similar plot is in the making, PDP senators are taking turns to sleep over at the National Assembly complex.


Senator Philip Gyunka, the PDP senator representing Nasarawa North Senatorial District, said: “I woke up this morning from my night shift and I will still be going back to my night shift, that is to say we are keeping vigil. We are rotating the shift among ourselves and as regards what they are saying about impeachment,  it is not possible because the international community is aware of their plot.


“We are keeping watch on their plans and if they want the senate president removed, which is impossible they must have two third majorities. They have been attempting and failing but I know they will still make attempts but they will not succeed because I know Nigerians will not allow them to make mockery of the nation’s democracy."


Taking a swipe at Mr Oshiomhole, he asked how someone, who was appointed and has neither gone to the rural areas to feel the pulse of the people, nor held town hall meetings be insisting that a man that was duly chosen by his colleagues be removed at all costs. Senator Gyunka, also used the opportunity to reveal that he will be running for Nasarawa State governor next February.


“Oshiomhole should be educated that this is not unionism. This is an issue that has to do with the constitution and we will not allow him to violate it,” he added.


Francis Orogu, the Nasarawa State chairman of the PDP said the chapter of the party was proud of its representatives at the National Assembly and would encourage them to maintain the tempo of their loyalty to the PDP. Senator Gyunka told PDP supporters that he would bring to the office of the governor the heart of a servant who had known hard times, tasted poverty and acquired requisite discipline to govern.


“I shall bring the benefit of my vast experience as an economist, banker and a legislator at both the state and federal levels to reform and transform the state. I will bring a new vision and new direction to governance that will be truly democratic, representative and professional to deliver and redeem the state from its downward descent,” Senator Gyunka said.