As part of his Renewed Hope Agenda programme, President Tinubu should invite Nigeria’s 36 governors to Aso Rock and read them the riot act

Ayo Akinfe

[1] As a people, I do not think that we have got the message that it is the states that are supposed to generate wealth for Nigeria, not the federal government. In a federation, the centre owes its existence to the federating units and not the other way round

[2] During the First Republic, only defence, foreign affairs, railways and ports were on the exclusive list. Everything else was run by the states. We need to get back to that arrangement if Nigeria is to get off her knees

[3] I believe most Nigerians will believe they are seeing renewed hope if all state governors were given a deadline of 2030 to make their domains self-reliant

[4] Any state that cannot fund itself is not viable and should be immediately merged with one of its neighbours

[5] Under the Renewed Hope Agenda, every state must be set foreign direct investment targets

[6] Anyone who understands how investors operate just needs to study how Dubai has managed to attract virtually every retail chain out there. China too has attracted every European and American manufacturer into her economy. Do our state governors understand this concept at all?

[7] If we had visionaries in our two main parties, their approach would be simple - Make Nigeria a favourite investment destination. To do that you only need to address matters like building a small solar-powered generating plant that can electrify a state and provide internal security

[8] Until we end this federal allocation nonsense, Nigeria is going nowhere as a nation

[9] Can someone tell me for instance who one governor has not made his state the world’s conveyor belt manufacturing capital? As we all know, modern production cannot survive without the conveyor belt. Everyone needs them, including mines, bottling plants, airports, automobile assembly factories, etc

[10] I look forward to the day one of our governors will stand up and say full employment, growing the economy by double digit figures every year during my tenure and generating enough internal revenue to run the state are my goals. However you look at it, governors are the ones who will get Nigeria moving. Just imagine what would happen if you had 36 visionaries in state capitals