Atiku indicates that he might support a 2027 presidential bid by Peter Obi if the join forces

FORMER vice president Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has indicated that he might support another presidential bid in 2027 by former Anambra State governor Peter Obi should he decided to return to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and stand as its candidate.


Back in 2023, Both Governor Obi and Alhaji Atiku were vying for the PDP presidential ticket but when it appeared that the former vice president was certain to clinch it, the ex-governor damped the party and defected to the Labour Party. Both men them ran as candidates in the election, coming second and third to the eventual winner President Bola Tinubu.


In 2019, Alhaji Atiku was the PDP presidential candidate and Governor Obi was his running mate and many political commentators believed that the former vice president should have stood down in 2023. PDP strategists believed that they would have won the election had Governor Obi been their candidate as he was a southerner and it was time was the presidency to come back to the south under Nigeria's rotational arrangement.


It appears that this might just happen in 2027 as Alhaji Atiku who is currently involved in merger talks with several opposition political parties, said he will not hesitate to support Governor Obi in the next election if the party picks him as their candidate. In an interview with BBC Hausa Service, Alhaji Atiku said he was not averse to the idea of a candidate Obi.


Alhaji Atiku said: “We can merge to achieve a common goal so, it’s possible and nothing can stop it if we so wish to achieve that. I have said repeatedly and I even said it before the 2023 general elections that if PDP decides to zone the presidential ticket to the south or southeast specifically, I won’t contest it.


“As long as it is the decision of the party, I will abide by it. However, I contested the 2023 presidential ticket because it was thrown open to all members of the party."


Apparently, Alhaji Atiku and Governor Obi have been involved in a series of meeting lately, as they look to merge their forces in the run-up to 2027. It is not yet clear if the plan is for the Labour Party to collapse its structure into the PDP or if Governor Obi will just return to his old party.