I would like to see President Tinubu send a waste-to-energy bill to the National Assembly as part of his plans to electrify Nigeria and reduce our carbon footprint at the same time

Ayo Akinfe

[1] Every state capital must be home to at least one waste-to-energy (WtE) plant that processes urban garbage into electricity

[2] Every industrial park must have a WtE facility where its waste is converted into power

[3] Every WtE facility will have a micro grid attached to it that can distribute the generated power within the state in which it is located

[4] State governments will grant tax holidays to dedicated plastic collection companies that focus on collecting packaging and bottles and taking them to recycling centres for conversion into power

[5] By 2025, Nigeria shall seek to generate at least 1,000MW of electricity from waste. Thereafter, the plan will be to generate an additional 500MW a year

[6] A tax holiday will be granted to any shipping line which dedicates itself to procuring waste from neighbouring countries and bringing it to Nigerian power plants

[7] For any agricultural crop where we have an over-production, the excess will be gathered and shipped to a processing plant where it will be used to create biofuel. Our WtE plants must thus be modular to accommodate this

[8] In every state capital, the sewerage system will be connected to these WtE plants so all sewage can also be converted into power

[9] Each power plant must also have a dedicated railway line so that all waste can be transported there via sealed trains

[10] Markets will be provided with special waste bins. The goal is to make all our state capitals carbon neutral by 2030