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President Tinubu has launched a programme called Unlocking the Healthcare Value Chain Initiative. I hope it includes initiatives aimed at combating health tourism like this

Ayo Akinfe

[1] All elected officials and the members of their immediate families are barred from going overseas for medical treatment

[2] Exceptions may be made in the cases of rare specialist care. In such cases, affected officials need to write to the National Assembly seeking permission for such trips

[3] Any public official who needs specialist overseas care more than once during a four year tenure must vacate their office


I look forward to the day President Tinubu will tell Nigerians that a country of over 200m people needs to have an automobile manufacturing capacity so must have a car policy that looks like this

By Ayo Akinfe

[1] With an internal market of 200m people and a further 150m consumers across the Ecowas sub-region, Nigeria has a captive automobile market and simply has to exploit this to the maximum

[2] As a people, we need to make a solemn pledge to at least assemble locally every passenger car used in the country. Importing finished cars has got to become a criminal offence


Peseiro reveals 23-man squad for forthcoming World Cup qualifiers against Lesotho and Zimbabwe

SUPER Eagles head coach Jose Peseiro has announced a 23-man squad for the forthcoming 2026 World Cup qualifying matches against Lesotho and Zimbabwe taking place later this month.



With the international community pouring aid into Palestine, Nigeria should have positioned herself to be the number one supplier as their main staple is couscous made from millet and sorghum

Ayo Akinfe

[1] I am sure that a lot of you are asking yourselves what futures awaits the Palestinians as about 10,000 of them have been killed, over 1 million have been displaced and their homes have been reduced to rubble over the last month. These poor people have been to hell and back and the Arab league appears clueless about what to do


Midfielder Bayo Fapetu shines as he makes his professional debut for Derby County

NIGERIA-eligible teenage central midfielder Bayo Fapetu has been made his debut for Derby County as they registered a 4-1 win over Wolverhampton Wanderers U21s in a Bristol Street Motors Trophy clash at Pride Park yesterday.



I am gobsmacked that President Tinubu has not appointed a minister for animal husbandry and aquaculture with a mandate to dramatically expand production of the following animals

Ayo Akinfe

[1] Cattle

[2] Snails

[3] Pigs

[4] Poultry

[5] Mackerel

[6] Goats

[7] Turkeys

[8] Ducks

[9] Grass cutters

[10] Impala

[1] I would ringfence this sector and give it a minimum target of generating $20bn in foreign exchange earnings by 2025

[2] This ministry for animal husbandry and aquaculture would be responsible for liaising with state governors over the provision of land for all these sectors


Canadian high commission in Abuja suspends all its operations following fire outbreak

CANADA'S high commission in Nigeria has suspended all of its operations indefinitely in response to a fire outbreak at its mission in Abuja on Monday which resulted in the death of two persons.


Following the incident, the high commission, via its X handle, announced a temporary suspension of its operations. This means a suspension of visa and immigration services for all persons seeking to visit or emigrate to Canada.



Crystal Palace hand Nigeria-eligible defender Mofe Jemide his first professional contract

ENGLISH Premier League side Crystal Palace had offered Nigeria-eligible teenage defender Mofe Jemide his first professional contract in what the club hopes will be his first step towards getting into their first team.



Who else is thinking like me in hoping that we get a document like this called Tinubu’s Contract With Nigeria published tomorrow outlining an industrial development plan

Ayo Akinfe

[1] Every one of Nigeria’s 774 local government areas must have at least one industrial estate. Failure to establish one within one year of assuming office will make a local government chairman liable to face criminal, treason and economic sabotage charges


Nigeria submits formal warrant of arrest request to the UK demanding Diezani's extradition

NIGERIA'S attorney-general and justice minister Lateef Fagbemi has submitted a formal warrant of arrest request to the UK's Crown Prosecution Services demanding the extradition of former petroleum minister Diezani Allison-Madueke.




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